Randomized Controlled Trial (Parallel)

A multicenter randomized controlled trial of a plant-based nutrition program to reduce body weight and cardiovascular risk in the corporate setting: the GEICO study.

Background/objectives:To determine the effects of a low-fat plant-based diet program on anthropometric and biochemical measures in a multicenter corporate setting.

Blood-pressure-lowering effect of a vegetarian diet: controlled trial in normotensive subjects.

59 healthy, omnivorous subjects aged 25-63 years were randomly allocated to a control group, which ate an omnivorous diet for 14 weeks, or to one of two experimental groups, whose members ate an omnivorous diet for the first 2 weeks and a lacto-ovo-vegetarian diet for one of two 6-week experimental periods. Mean systolic and diastolic blood pressures did not change in the control group but fell significantly in both experimental groups during the vegetarian diet and rose significantly in the experimental group which reverted to the omnivorous diet.

Effect of a strict vegan diet on energy and nutrient intakes by Finnish rheumatoid patients.

Dietary intake data of 43 Finnish rheumatoid arthritis patients were collected using 7-day food records. The subjects were randomized into a control and a vegan diet groups, consisting of 22 and 21 subjects, respectively. The subjects in the vegan diet group received an uncooked vegan diet ('living food') for 3 months, and they were tutored daily by a living-food expert. The subjects in the control group continued their usual diets and received no tutoring.

Vegetarian diet for patients with rheumatoid arthritis: can the clinical effects be explained by the psychological characteristics of the patients?

In a controlled, single blind clinical trial we have demonstrated recently a beneficial effect of fasting and vegetarian diet in RA. In the present study we compared 53 patients who participated in this clinical trial with 71 other RA patients with regard to some psychological parameters. The patients who participated in the clinical trial differed significantly from other RA patients. Firstly, they had a higher internal score and a lower chance score on the Multi-dimensional Health Locus of Control Scale (MHLCS).

Changes of faecal flora in rheumatoid arthritis during fasting and one-year vegetarian diet.

The beneficial effect of a 1-yr vegetarian diet in RA has recently been demonstrated in a clinical trial. We have analysed stool samples of the 53 RA patients by using direct stool sample gas-liquid chromatography of bacterial cellular fatty acids. Based on repeated clinical assessments disease improvement indices were constructed for the patients. At each time point during the intervention period the patients in the diet group were then assigned either to a group with a high improvement index (HI) or a group with a low improvement index (LI).

Vegetarian diet for patients with rheumatoid arthritis--status: two years after introduction of the diet.

We have previously reported that a significant improvement can be obtained in rheumatoid arthritis patients by fasting followed by an individually adjusted vegetarian diet for one year. The patients who changed their diet could be divided into diet responders and diet nonresponders. After the clinical trial the patients were free to change diet or medication and after approximately one year they were asked to attend a new clinical examination. We compared the change from baseline (i.e.

Changes in plasma phospholipid fatty acids and their relationship to disease activity in rheumatoid arthritis patients treated with a vegetarian diet.

In a controlled clinical trial we have recently shown that patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) improved after fasting for 7-10 d and that the improvement could be sustained through 3.5 months with a vegan diet and 9 months with a lactovegetarian diet. Other studies have indicated that the inflammatory process in RA can be reduced through manipulation of dietary fatty acids. A switch to a vegetarian diet significantly alters the intake of fatty acids.


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