Sudden cheese cravings


Micaela Karlsen, MSPH


I have a question and I am hoping someone at this group can help me with it. I have been 100% plant based for nearly 2 years now. Today I have a deep, almost visceral craving for cheese. I have not given in, but is there some way to quell these cravings?


For some people it can take 3-4 years for all my intermittent cheese cravings to completely vanish, so hang in there, you're making good progress In the meantime, here are some questions you can ask yourself that may be helpful:

1. When you experience this craving, are you actually hungry for a meal? Cravings rarely pop up when we are satiated, but seem to come out more strongly when our blood glucose is low - we feel emotions and cravings more intensely when we are hungry. Try eating a healthy meal first and see how you feel afterwards.

2. Did you eat something plant-based but similarly rich/calorie-dense recently? Taste preferences are affected by what we recently ate, so you could have kicked up a craving by eating vegan pizza or a cashew-based dessert.

3. Are you missing some elements of cheese that could be replicated in other ways? Hot, melty, or savory? Maybe try making fresh mashed potatoes with herbs?