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Are you interested in helping to promote interest and investigation of plant-based diets by participating in research studies? You've come to the right place!

Often, the one of the hardest jobs for researchers is recruitment. Study protocols are strict, and that coupled with cost, geographic considerations, and timing can make it hard to find people who are willing, able, and qualified to participate.The volunteers and founder of working hard to contact researchers who may be interested in recruiting through our participant list in the future. Part of our mission is to bring the public and the academic communities together, and to help bring research on plant-based nutrition to the forefront of nutrition research!

By joining our recruitment list:

  • You are not signing up to participate in a particular research study
  • You are only giving your permission to be contacted about future opportunities for participation
  • You are not signing up for the Newsletter - you will not be contacted unless there is a research opportunity you may qualify for
  • You are helping to promote investigation of the effects of a plant-based diet, an area of study that is still very much under-represented in the academic community


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