[The treatment of coronary heart disease by beta-adrenoblockers or tiazide diuretics preparation in combination with vegetarian diet].


Medkova IL, Ieromuzo AA, Ivanov AN, Mosiakina LI, Biriukova LS.

Year Published: 



Vopr Pitan.


Study Design: 


Work make on 84 patients with coronare heart diseases were divided into two groups, equal quantity. The first groups were given athenolol (50 mg daily), the second--hypotiazide (25 mg daily). In every groupspart patients received an antiatherogenic lactoovovegetetarian diet, part--an standard antiatherogenic diet 10c. Time observation--24 daily. By the end of the treatment period with athenolol in backoground the vegetarian diet the level of total cholesterol decreased by 16%, low-density lipoproteins cholesterol decreased by 18%. In groups patients received an standard antiatherogenic diet these parameters practically did'nt change. In the vegetarian group the atherogenic coefficient (KA) decreased by 31%., while in the patients on standard antiatherogenic diet KA showed only a tendency for decreasing. By the end to the treatment period with hypotiazide the slight decrease in total cholesterol, KA levels and a slight increase in HDL cholesterol were observed only the vegetarian group.