A new Japanese vegetarian food guide.


Nakamoto K, Arashi M, Noparatanawong S, Kamohara S, Radak T, Tuchida M, Miyazaki K, Watanabe S, Kudo H, Tanaka A.

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Asia Pac J Public Health.


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Vegetarianism continues to gain popularity in Japan and the Westernized world, in part from decades of science supporting the health advantages of properly planned vegetarian-based diets. Although there are Asian nutritional tools, one specific to a Japanese vegetarian diet is lacking. Thus, the Japanese vegetarian food guide (JVFG) was developed and based in part on the American Dietetic Association position paper for vegetarian diets and the Japanese Food Guide Spinning Top. The JVFG was developed by collecting dietary information from 3 different institutes in Japan that specialize in regularly offering vegetarian meals. The JVFG was divided into 6 groups with respective recommended servings: vegetables (7.5), grains (4.5), protein foods (4), milk (3), fruits (2), and fats, sugar, and seasonings (<3). The JVFG was developed so that it would adequately provide for all nutrients and be structured for practical use by the general public as well as health professionals.