Ethical management of food systems: plant based diet as a holistic approach.


Chiu TH, Lin CL.

Year Published: 



Asia Pac J Clin Nutr.


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While improvement in agricultural technology had enabled the production of abundant food, it has thus far failed to eliminate hunger. Malnutrition is expected to reach an all time high. Evidences have suggested that animal based diet has put immense pressure on the already fragile food system, contributing to problems in terms of global food security, health security, and environmental sustainability. Plant based dietary approaches may therefore, target some of these problems from the roots, and may be a solution to improving ethical issues and equity in the current food system. This paper examines how meat production and consumption contributed to the current crises in the food system through the lens of ethics--the moral compass--to find directions on how the present generation should eat, and how the food system could be maintained for a better future.