Changing the treatment paradigm for coronary artery disease.


Esselstyn CB Jr.

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Am J Cardiol.


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This supplement to The American Journal of Cardiology presents the proceedings of the Summit on Cholesterol and Coronary Disease: Second National Conference on Lipids in the Elimination and Preven tion of Coronary Artery Disease presented by the Cleveland Clinic Foundation in cooperation with the Walt Disney Company in Lake Buena Vista, florida, September 4--5, 1997. Since the first national conference held in Tucson, Arizona, in 1991, new studies have made the conclu sions of the first conference even more clear--that coronary artery disease can be arrested, reversed, and even prevented, with lipid lowering through diet and drug therapy. In that time, we have also learned far more about the pathophysiology of coronary artery disease, teaching us how better to prevent acute cor onary events. In addition, we have seen successes in changing diets and attitudes in groups from at-risk adults to schoolchildren. ...