Rural Assistance Center

Spreading Community Accelerators through Learning and Evaluation (SCALE) Pacesetter Communities

RAC - Health Promotion and Disease Prevention -

Awards funding and technical assistance to enable communities to substantially accelerate health improvement strategies. Pacesetter communities will participate in an intensive learning and doing program designed to improve the health and well-being of people, populations, and the community-at-large. Geographic coverage: Nationwide -- Institute for Healthcare Improvement

Testing Multi-Level Interventions to Improve Blood Pressure Control in Minority Racial/Ethnic, Low Socioeconomic Status, and/or Rural Populations (UH2/UH3)

RAC - Health Promotion and Disease Prevention -

Awards funds for research initiatives designed to reduce disparities in hypertension among high risk populations, including racial/ethnic minority groups, patients with low socioeconomic status, and individuals residing in rural areas. Geographic coverage: Nationwide -- National Institutes of Health


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